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Vistelar Blog

Read about conflict management techniques.

How to Increase Safety for Healthcare Security Professionals

Since the COVID-19 pandemic has entered our world, business as usual has changed drastically. Being security professionals in a healthcare environment, we are dealing with a variety of challenges even without the addition of COVID-19 to the equation.  Emotions fueled by anxiety and escalated fear of others, coupled with the devastation and destruction of panic are the ingredients needed for chaos...

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Big, Mean, Angry Biker - Confidence In Conflict Book Excerpt

Confidence In Conflict For Healthcare Professionals

Enjoy this excerpt from one of our published books.


I was passing through the Emergency Department when an angry-looking man walked in through the front door. He was a hard figure to miss. He wore a denim jacket with the sleeves torn off and emblazoned on his makeshift vest were the colors of a well-known and notoriously violent motorcycle gang. His bare arms were heavily inked with gang...

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The Embattled Social Contract of Medicine

There is no denying it; hospitals can be difficult places to work.  No matter which profession you’re in, from hospital security to nursing, the hours are long, and weekends and holidays are just another day at work. Moreover, with nursing shortages, an aging demographic, dwindling psychiatric care resources, and other factors creating increasing demands on healthcare providers from all sides,...

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Vistelar Latest News - April 21, 2022

With the pandemic waning, the team at Vistelar has been crazy busy with our virtual instructor-led training and, more recently, with our classroom work. We've been somewhat quiet with our Internet communications over the last many months, but with our new website launched and us being back on the road again, expect to hear from us more frequently.

Periodically, we will provide an update like this...

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Gary Klugiewicz honored As Trainer of The Year by The National Law Enforcement Officer Hall of Fame

Vistelar, the highly regarded Milwaukee-based workplace conflict management company, is proud to announce that The National Law Enforcement Officer Hall of Fame honored co-founder Gary Klugiewicz as Trainer of The Year at their 2022 Induction Ceremony on March 24 in Maumee (Toledo), Ohio.  Gary is nationally known as a leader in defensive tactics training and developed the Unified Tactical...

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First Responder Philosophy: Responding to Institutional Emergencies

Mike Delvaux and I just spent a week with a group of treatment professionals conducting the Principles of Stabilization and Control (P.O.S.C. ®) for Treatment Professionals Instructor Class.

During the class, the instructors learned how to respond to institutional emergencies that include disturbance emergencies, medical emergencies, fire emergencies, and miscellaneous emergencies such as weather...

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Even in a Dark Alley, You’re Safe with Us

When we think of basic human needs, hierarchies often come to mind. What is it that people need and how are those needs related to human behavior? That’s the question that human services professionals often ask, and the one de-escalation trainers need to answer. Years ago, I learned through several personal and professional experiences that people act-out for reasons, not because of diagnoses. It...

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