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1845 N. Farwell Ave. Milwaukee 53202

About Vistelar

Building Safe And Respectful Workplaces

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Vistelar provides a range of workplace violence solutions to any organization experiencing the physical, organizational, legal, and/or emotional harm that can result from poorly managed conflict — either from external or internal origins. 

For example, we work with such disciplines as healthcare, behavioral health, education, security, social services, home visitation, hospitality, customer service, transit, and law enforcement. We train contact professionals — individuals who spend the vast majority of their time directly interacting with the general public or their organization’s clients — and organizational teams impacted by workplace and/or lateral violence.

why we're different


Why We’re Different

Vistelar is a licensing, training, and consulting institute focused on helping organizations improve safety through a systematic approach to workplace conflict management

Our Unified Conflict Management System uses easy-to-learn and trauma-responsive tactics — based on over four decades of real-world experience and frequent enhancements — to empower teams to identify, prevent, and mitigate all types of conflict, from simple disputes to physical violence.



To build safe and respectful workplaces through verbal and physical conflict management solutions



To make the world safer by teaching everyone how to treat each other with dignity by showing respect and increasing their confidence and abilities in managing conflict, crisis, and physical violence

We address the entire spectrum of human conflict via these core programs:

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Non-Escalation, De-Escalation, and Crisis Management

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Personal Protection and Safety

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Personal Safety For Home Visit Workers

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Positive Interventions and Stabilization

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Workplace Violence Prevention and Intervention

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Physical Alternatives (P.O.S.C.®)


Vistelar can deliver its Unified Conflict Management System and numerous training programs via two approaches:

Traditional Includes packaged curriculum, train-the-trainer training, a workbook purchase requirement, and usually a requirement for periodic recertification of trainers (Vistelar does not have a recertification requirement)

Content License Includes a multi-year and multi-phase implementation and sustainment program plus the granted right to use Vistelar’s intellectual property to train staff, develop instructors, customize courseware, and create online programs for the duration of the license. This approach eliminates the restrictions of the traditional approach and, as a result, provides these benefits:
  • Infinite flexibility
  • Significant cost savings
  • Impact focused
Beyond train-the-trainer training and content licensing,  other approaches to receiving Vistelar training include:
  • Online on-demand courses
  • Practitioner training 
  • Speaking engagements
  • Bulk purchase of books

Unified Conflict Management System™


Each of our training programs is a component of the Vistelar Unified Conflict Management System™, with these attributes:
  • Is based on the Vistelar 6 C’s of Conflict Management framework
  • Uses consistent principles, methods, and terminology across all programs
  • Has a systemized structure of tactics represented by simple reminder graphics
  • Emphasizes simplicity and universal application with all tactics taught
  • Is the result of over four decades of real-world experience and ongoing enhancements

The result is a system of tactics that are easy to learn, remember, apply, and teach.

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This system is taught using an evidence-based approach designed to create permanent changes in employee behavior when back on the job that results in these organizational benefits:
  • Enhanced customer satisfaction and outcomes
  • Decreased injuries and worker compensation claims
  • Improved emotional, physical, and organizational safety
  • Minimized liability and reputational risks
  • Reduced absenteeism, poor morale, and turnover
  • Lessoned lateral violence (workplace bullying)


The origins of Vistelar date back to the early 1980s when Gary T. Klugiewicz, a nationally known defensive tactics trainer and future co-founder of Vistelar, helped originate the “unified tactical training” system used for all public safety training in the State of Wisconsin. 

Beyond Wisconsin, this system has been implemented over the last four decades in scores of healthcare and behavioral health organizations, law enforcement agencies, and correctional institutions throughout the United States.

In 1992, Gary started working closely with Dave Young, a nationally recognized defensive tactics trainer of law enforcement, corrections, and the military.

Vistelar was founded in 2009 by Gary, Dave, and business executive, Allen Oelschlaeger, to address the entire spectrum of human conflict — from simple disputes to physical violence — and to extend the reach to more disciplines and organizations.

Today Vistelar is a world leader in conflict management licensing, training and consulting, supported by:


 The comprehensive Vistelar
Unified Management System™


 Several published books in its
Confidence In Conflict Series


 A premier team of conflict
management experts


Meet the Vistelar Team

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Allen’s background includes more than 20 years of experience as an executive for large corporations and more than 20 years of leadership roles in several entrepreneurial businesses.

Allen Oelschlaeger


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Bill’s experience includes decades as a police officer, mediating civil cases in court and training police academy recruits. Recently, he has specialized in helping Vistelar’s clients through their training journey.

Bill Singleton


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Danielle has worked in education and professional development for 20 years. She now serves as an Instructional Designer at Vistelar.

Danielle Shryock

Instructional Design

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USMC veteran, public safety trainer with over 3 decades of experience responding to real-world threats working with healthcare organizations around the world

Dave Young


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A retired sheriff’s captain, Gary has been a leader in conflict management training for over 40 years, moving from law enforcement to healthcare, mental health, education, and beyond.

Gary Klugiewicz


blank image

Gil has spent over 25 years leading companies in the Healthcare and Employee Benefits space. Gil is now serving as CEO of Vistelar.

Gil Aleman

Operations & Leadership

blank image

Joel has 30 years experience in healthcare security training. He co-developed a program to teach law enforcement how to respond to individuals with autism and other cognitive disabilities.

Joel Lashley

Instructional Design

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Kati has worked with various social service organizations to provide assistance and support to inner city community members. She has worked in various capacities at Vistelar for over a decade.

Kati Tillema


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Lee Ann has 15 years of experience in healthcare and is now serving as one of Vistelar's Project Managers.

Lee Ann Fowler

Project Manager

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