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1845 N. Farwell Ave. Milwaukee 53202

Home Visitation

Personal Safety For Home Visit Workers
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Program Overview

This training focuses on how to conduct effective and safe home visits. It covers how to prevent and mitigate emotional and physical violence,  and if such violence occurs, how to respond in an effective manner.

Target Audience

Healthcare and social service professionals working in the field and visiting people's homes. 

Download Program Summary- Home Visitation

Develop the Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities to

  • assess clients for threat potential and prepare self and vehicle prior to a visit
  • manage safety at three critical junctures: when approaching a client’s home, when interacting at the door, and once  inside the dwelling 
  • recognize gateway behaviors and threat indicators that may compromise safety 
  • resolve refusals and de-escalate verbal confrontations 
  • stay safe and promote recovery in caring for people with cognitive challenges and mental illness 
  • recognize when verbal methods have failed and it is necessary to take further action 
  • know your options and take appropriate action when aggression or violence compromise safety
  • end interactions better than they started and with a positive foundation for future contact
  • debrief, document, and report violent incidents and perform post-visit safety planning

Confidence In Conflict Playbook: 12 Steps For Creating A Workplace That Is Incompatible With Conflict And Violence

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