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Physical Alternatives

Control — Protect— Stop the Threat
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Control Options

Tactics used to control subjects engaging in behaviors causing or likely to cause physical harm

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Protect Options

Tactics used to defend against aggression or violence

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Stop the Threat

 Tactics used in situations with risk of great bodily harm or death

Program Overview

This training focuses on how to make a justifiable and desirable decision to physically engage in an emergency and, once this decision is made, how to control subjects, protect oneself against violence, and stop the threat in situations with risk of great bodily harm or death.

Target Audience

Security and law enforcement contact professionals who have a responsibility to respond to emergencies.

Download Program Summary- Physical Alternatives (POSC)

Issues Addressed That Require a Trained Response

  • Refusing to cooperate with a direction or a request that is necessary to keep self and others safe
  • Unsafe behaviors that could cause harm to self or others
  • Fleeing or escaping when it is unsafe to do so
  • Hurting or threatening to hurt self or others
  • Committing a crime or act of violence
  • Exhibiting any other behaviors requiring physical intervention that is necessary to prevent death or serious bodily harm to self or others

Develop the knowledge, skills, and abilities to

  • develop a guardian mindset
  • perform effective threat and risk assessments
  • recognize when verbal methods have failed and it is necessary to take further action
  • make a justifiable and desirable decision to physically engage
  • safely, and effectively engage — individually or as a team — using control, protect, and stop the threat alternatives
  • implement appropriate follow-through considerations to end interactions with the best possible outcome
  • debrief, document, and report violent incidents
  • articulate the reasons for taking action

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