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Infinite Flexibility and Significant Cost Savings
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Content License Program

Enterprise-Wide Implementation and Sustainment

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Infinite Flexibility

White-labeled content accessible via a secure online Licensed Content Portal can be used to best meet the needs of the Licensee’s team, clients, and environments. The Licensee can modify the training and create courseware to precisely align with their mission, values, policies & procedures, brand, historical practices, and budget — as long as the content’s fidelity isn’t compromised.

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Significant Cost Savings

No need to purchase workbooks, online programming, or instructor recertification. Instead, you can print your own training materials, create your own online courses, and develop your own instructors. 

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Impact Focused

For the benefits of our conflict management training to be fully realized, our training must create permanent changes in employee behavior. Unless workers actually apply the principles and tactics of the Unified Conflict Management System, conflict won’t be prevented and, when it does occur, it won’t be well managed — and the expected benefits are less likely to occur. These attributes of the Vistelar Content License Program ensure the impact of working with us is maximized:
  • Multi-year term
  • Multi-phase implementation and sustainment
  • Availability of
    • online, virtual, and onsite methods of instruction
    • practitioner and train-the-trainer training
    • risk-tier-specific training 
  • Focus on sustainment
How Content Licensing Works

Simple 4-Step Process

Select Content and Implementation Services


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Select the Vistelar conflict management content to license — and determine what training and consulting services to receive during the initial term

Define Territory and Execute Agreement


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Determine which employees are covered by the license (e.g., entire enterprise, one facility, selected departments) and obtain signatures

Access Content Portal and Begin Implementation


Vistelar-Icon-Number-Set (6)Receive credentials for Licensed Content Portal with curriculum, courseware, videos, and graphics — and finalize implementation goals and plans

Complete Implementation and Focus On Sustainment


Vistelar-Icon-Number-Set (4)Tailor courseware for each employee risk tier, deliver the initial training, and then shift focus to sustaining behavior changes in all employees


Learn How Licensing Works

Watch this video to see an example of a Vistelar licensing partnership 

Learn More About the Vistelar Content License Program

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