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Posts about De-Escalation

Course focuses on neutralizing situations - Media Coverage

Course focuses on neutralizing situations - Media Coverage Featured Image
Back in November of 2017, KTVB did a story about Vistelar's training with law enforcement officers from across the state of Idaho on neutralizing a situation while maintaining conduct as if they were constantly being filmed (the "showtime mindset" tactic).  Click the image below to read the article and watch a video about this training experience!
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Listening to the Hand

Listening to the hand- Vistelar Blog Post

Although much of crisis intervention or de-escalation concentrates on the spoken word, the reality is often what we say is not nearly as important as how we say it. When angry or frightened people can’t comprehend what we’re saying with our mouths, they can still listen and respond to what we say with our hands and other body language.

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Even in a Dark Alley, You’re Safe with Us

Even in a Dark Alley, You’re Safe with Us

When we think of basic human needs, hierarchies often come to mind. What is it that people need and how are those needs related to human behavior? That’s the question that human services professionals often ask, and the one de-escalation trainers need to answer. Years ago, I learned through several personal and professional experiences that people act-out for reasons, not because of diagnoses. It...

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