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Gateway Behaviors Are Like Gateway Drugs

Gateway Behaviors Are Like Gateway Drugs Featured Images


When I was in junior high school, we used to have to watch those corny “gateway drug” educational films. Do you remember those?

They followed a similar plot: Some clean-cut teenage boy would steal a beer from the family fridge; next we see him bowing to peer-pressure and puffing on a joint; soon he’s snorting cocaine at a wild party. Finally, he’s shooting heroin in some rat-infested alley....

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Retail Loss Prevention: Are you ready for black friday?

Retail Loss Prevention- are you ready for black friday?


The frenzy of holiday shopping is about to begin, and retailers are ramping up for their Black Friday events. This means those in loss prevention are preparing themselves for what often is viewed as a stress-filled time of year. Whether you are working a uniformed or plain clothes position, proper preparation will help reduce that stress and make the holidays more enjoyable for you and the...

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Can I die if Someone Spits on Me?


Ever been spat on? Nothing can change the conversation like spitting on someone. It's gross, disgusting, inexcusable, illegal, and perhaps the highest display of disrespect that someone can make towards another human being.  Make no mistake about it, spitting on someone is an assault, just the same as punching or kicking them. And the response to any assault should be consistent and in...

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Personal Protection - Do You Know What to Look For To Stay Safe?

Personal Protection - Do You Know What to Look For To Stay Safe?

The old saying, “You speak volumes before the first word is spoken,” couldn’t be truer!  As a personal safety expert and defensive tactics trainer with over 30 plus years of training and experience in law enforcement, corrections and the United States Marine Corps, I have often read assault victim reports, in which when asked what happened, the person shrugs, “I don’t know, he just punched me.”

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'Hey, You Grabbed Me The Wrong Way!'

Vistelar Blog Front Wrist Escape

Have you ever taken a self-defense class and heard an instructor say something like, “No, grab my other arm?” or “Hey, you grabbed me the wrong way?” So, if you're grabbed by the wrist, the arm, the shirt, or the throat, do you really want to take the time to think about what move you need to escape? Wouldn't it be much better to have a self-defense technique that is easy to learn, recall, and...

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It Only Takes Seconds to Injure Your Trachea

It only takes seconds to injure your trachea


Many nurses work with patients who are experiencing various levels of pain, fear, and emotional distress, which can sometimes lead to violence. As a result, nurses are sometimes choked by patients; and not only with their bare hands, but with I.V. tubing, electrical cords, medical device leads, I.D. lanyards, and even bedsheets! This places them, of course, in great danger of asphyxiation,...

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Listening to the Hand

Listening to the hand- Vistelar Blog Post

Although much of crisis intervention or de-escalation concentrates on the spoken word, the reality is often what we say is not nearly as important as how we say it. When angry or frightened people can’t comprehend what we’re saying with our mouths, they can still listen and respond to what we say with our hands and other body language.

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