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Addressing the Entire Spectrum of Human Conflict
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Vistelar offers a range of practitioner and train-the-trainer training using the following methods of instruction:

 Online On-Demand Courses
  Virtual Instructor-Led Training Classes
  Onsite Instructor-Led Training Classes
  Speaking Engagements
  Bulk Purchase of Books
This training can be delivered via the traditional approach to conflict management training with the restrictions listed below or via our unique Content License Program that eliminates restrictions of the traditional approach to purchasing training including:
  • Training content cannot be incorporated into other training modalities (e.g., online courses, virtual classes of different lengths) by the organization
  • Trainers must be periodically recertified by the training vendor (note, Vistelar does not have this requirement)
  • Training cannot deviate from the defined lesson plan
  • Trainers can only be developed by the training vendor
  • Our courseware cannot be modified and must be purchased for each student
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Training Overview

All training programs have an emphasis on trauma responsiveness (being cognizant that people may be struggling in some way that prevents them from behaving typically) and closing interactions with the best possible outcome (ending safely, establishing a positive foundation for any future interactions and reflecting with the goal of improving future performance).

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Benefits of Conflict Management Training From Vistelar


  • Enhanced customer satisfaction
  • Improved client (e.g., patient) outcomes
  • Decreased risk and liability
  • Protected reputation
  • Less absenteeism and turnover
  • Fewer workers compensation claims


  • Increased safety
  • Improved productivity and morale
  • More confidence in managing conflict
  • Better personal relations
  • Reduced lateral violence/bullying
  • Less conflict avoidance

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