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Blog Posts of Allen Oelschlaeger

Allen is a conflict expert with a focus on creating safe and respectful workplaces. He is a creator of the Confidence in Conflict book series and podcast, leader of the company’s e-learning initiative, and authority on how to best train the psychomotor skill of conflict management. His background includes Wharton School MBA, University of Wisconsin faculty member, and leadership roles in the healthcare industry.

New book offers immediately actionable strategies for eliminating workplace toxicity

New book offers immediately actionable strategies for eliminating workplace toxicity


Milwaukee, Wis. November 3, 2022 With her latest book — Ending Lateral Violence: Creating emotionally and physically safe workplaces — author Jill Weisensel holds nothing back in calling out such behaviors as bullying, hazing, isolation, harassment, gossiping, exclusion, intimidation, coercion, prejudicial comments, and inappropriate jokes and providing a roadmap for recognizing, preventing,...

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Psychomotor Skill Training: How to Optimize Learning - Part 1

Psychomotor Skill Training: How to Optimize Learning - Part 1- Episode 14


“Psychomotor Skill Training: How to Optimize Learning”

(This is the first episode in a two-part series. To listen to the next episode click here.)

In this episode, Allen Oelschlaeger is joined by Gerard O’Dea from Dyna

mis (, a UK conflict management training company and Professor Chris Cushion from Loughborough University (...

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"Someone Is Watching!" There is No Need To Worry if You Know What to Do

Milwaukee Journal Sentinel - Ex-deputy teaches cops to show best side when cameras roll

Back in June of 2015, the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel did a story about one of Vistelar's trainers, Gary Klugiewicz.  In this new age of social surveillance, professionals sometimes get into trouble. That said, when you get the right training and operate in good faith, security cameras and cellphones bring with them many opportunities to shine! In the end, we may be sacrificing privacy in public...

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Listening to the Hand

Listening to the hand- Vistelar Blog Post

Although much of crisis intervention or de-escalation concentrates on the spoken word, the reality is often what we say is not nearly as important as how we say it. When angry or frightened people can’t comprehend what we’re saying with our mouths, they can still listen and respond to what we say with our hands and other body language.

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