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A Security Leader's Roadmap for Affecting Change

Security Leader's Roadmap for Affecting Change

Many times, security leaders recognize that if we are not to deliver on our mission, something in our operation needs to change. At the same time, we will likely be confronted with challenges that stand in the way of affecting that change.

Some of the more common challenges that we face in healthcare are competition for resources, resistance by those who may not believe change is needed, or...

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How to Increase Safety for Healthcare Security Professionals

How to Increase Safety for Healthcare Security Professionals

Since the COVID-19 pandemic has entered our world, business as usual has changed drastically. Being security professionals in a healthcare environment, we are dealing with a variety of challenges even without the addition of COVID-19 to the equation. Emotions fueled by anxiety and escalated fear of others, coupled with the devastation and destruction of panic are the ingredients needed for chaos...

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Big, Mean, Angry Biker - Confidence In Conflict Book Excerpt

Confidence In Conflict For Healthcare Professionals

Enjoy this excerpt from one of our published books.


I was passing through the Emergency Department when an angry-looking man walked in through the front door. He was a hard figure to miss. He wore a denim jacket with the sleeves torn off and emblazoned on his makeshift vest were the colors of a well-known and notoriously violent motorcycle gang. His bare arms were heavily inked with...

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