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Blog Posts of Pete Jaskulski

Pete Jaskulski has been umpiring baseball in Wisconsin at the high school and collegiate level since 1981, receiving the Ken Kirby umpire of the year award in 2006 from the Wisconsin Baseball Coaches Association. He has umpired the spring state baseball tournament four times, three as a crew chief. In his training with the Wisconsin Umpires Association, Pete focuses on effective communications and game management. In 2014, Pete won the Wisconsin Umpires Association Umpire of the Year award. Pete works as a training consultant for Vistelar where he travels around the country providing instruction to various professions in Vistelar’s training program focused on how to communicate effectively in the midst of stress. He has led many workshops for sports officials on how to apply Vistelar’s methodologies to officiating. Pete is married to his wife, Pam, who was a collegiate soccer player. He has two children; Alex, a collegiate baseball player now working as a graduate assistant baseball coach and high school baseball coach and Kayla who is a multi-sport athlete (soccer, basketball, softball). Pete retired from the Milwaukee County Sheriff ’s Office at the rank of Captain after 24 years of service and he currently holds the position of Assistant Fire Chief for the Village of Hales Corners, Confidence In Conflict For Sports Officials which he has been with since 1981.

A Coordinated Response: Medical, EMS, Law Enforcement

A Coordinated Response: Medical, EMS, Law Enforcement

When a life-threatening emergency arises, three professions must interact successfully to bring the situation to the best possible outcome. For example, a motor vehicle crash that has caused serious life-threatening injuries to one or more people will bring together law enforcement, fire and emergency medical services (EMS) at the scene and medical staff at the hospital.

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Retail Loss Prevention: Are you ready for black friday?

Retail Loss Prevention- are you ready for black friday?

The frenzy of holiday shopping is about to begin, and retailers are ramping up for their Black Friday events. This means those in loss prevention are preparing themselves for what often is viewed as a stress-filled time of year. Whether you are working a uniformed or plain clothes position, proper preparation will help reduce that stress and make the holidays more enjoyable for you and the...

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Five Approaches to Showing Respect - Confidence In Conflict Excerpt

Confidence In Conflict for Sports Officials - Chapter 2

Enjoy this excerpt from one of our published books.

Chapter 2

Five Approaches To Showing Respect (Respect Everyone)

In teaching this program to sports officials, I have encountered different age groups, different races, different ethnic groups and officials from different sports. Officials encounter the same types of people. All sports include different ages, races, genders and ethnic groups....
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Be Alert and Decisive - Confidence In Conflict Book Excerpt

Confidence in Conflict for Sports Officials - Chapter 1

Enjoy this excerpt from one of our published books.

Chapter 1

Be Alert and Decisive / Respond, Don’t React (Be Ready and Stay Safe)

To officiate a game effectively, we have to remain alert, be decisive and have a pre-planned practiced response to conflict in mind. Have you ever seen an official that doesn’t seem to be concentrating during a game? S/he may be checking a cell phone (I’ve seen...

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Alter Your Reality - Confidence In Conflict Book Excerpt

Confidence in Conflict for Everyday Life Chapter 1 Graphic

Enjoy this excerpt from one of our published books.

Chapter 1

Alter your reality:

How to accept and anticipate conflict
Overview: F airy tales, Hollywood and Disney hijack our expectations for relationships. The fact is, conflict is present in our everyday lives. In this chapter, you will discover why anticipating and managing your aggravators is the first crucial step in holding your emotions...
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