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Gary Klugiewicz honored As Trainer of The Year by Officer Hall of Fame

Gary Klugiewicz honored As Trainer of The Year by Officer Hall of Fame

Vistelar, the highly regarded Milwaukee-based workplace conflict management company, is proud to announce that The National Law Enforcement Officer Hall of Fame honored co-founder Gary Klugiewicz as Trainer of The Year at their 2022 Induction Ceremony on March 24 in Maumee (Toledo), Ohio.  Gary is nationally known as a leader in defensive tactics training and developed the Unified Tactical Training System that is used for all public safety training in the State of Wisconsin.  This unparalleled system has been the gold standard for more than four decades, implemented in countless law enforcement agencies, correctional institutions, and healthcare and behavioral health organizations in the United States and beyond.  As co-founder of Vistelar, established in 2009, Gary has led the company in its mission to address the entire spectrum of human conflict, working to create safe and respectful workplaces worldwide.
“Gary is without a doubt one of the most professional and dedicated instructors I have ever worked with. He is constantly trying to improve anything he teaches and is a true forward thinker,” said John T. Meyer Jr., President and Founder of Team One Network.  “Gary has a unique style of teaching. He is like the old commercial ‘When EF Hutton talks, people listen!’ Gary has made a tremendous impact on the Law Enforcement community and spent countless hours of instruction to improve police officers’ survivability all over the world.”
Fellow co-founder and friend, Dave Young states that the entire company is “very proud of Gary and that this is a well-deserved award.”  He adds, “He has dedicated his entire professional career to keeping others safe and developing training programs that have been second to none.”
Gary Klugiewicz, his unrivaled system, and the company he helped create have made a positive impact on the world by not just training, but empowering professionals both nationally and internationally.  Vistelar’s adage of “Treat People with Dignity by Showing Respect” is not just a motto, but a way of life for Gary and the entire team. His unwavering commitment to the safety of contact professionals for decades is unmatched.  Gary Klugiewicz, is deserving of the honor of Trainer of The Year.
The 2022 Inauguration Dinner was held March 24 at The Pinnacle just outside of Toledo. Sheriff Mark Lamb of the Pinal Co., Arizona Sheriff’s Office, known as “The American Sheriff,” served as the emcee. 

To watch a 15-minute video of the awarding of this honor, please watch this video.



Vistelar is licensing, training, and consulting institute focused on building safe and respectful workplaces by providing verbal and physical conflict management solutions. The company's Unified Conflict Management System™ uses easy-to-learn and trauma-responsive tactics — based on over four decades of real-world experience and frequent enhancements — to empower teams to identify, prevent, and mitigate all types of conflict, from simple disputes to physical violence.


Kati Tillema

Kati Tillema / About Author

Kati joined Vistelar in 2010 and runs day-to-day operations. Her previous experience includes providing legal assistance to low-income clients and working in the inner city of Milwaukee to combat criminal activity. She earned her J.D. from Marquette University Law School and has used her legal expertise extensively within various community service organizations. Kati is a speaker and trainer for the company.