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Vistelar Latest News - April 21, 2022

Vistelar Latest News - April 21, 2022

With the pandemic waning, the team at Vistelar has been crazy busy with our virtual instructor-led training and, more recently, with our classroom work. We've been somewhat quiet with our Internet communications over the last many months, but with our new website launched and us being back on the road again, expect to hear from us more frequently.

Periodically, we will provide an update like this one with information on what's happening at Vistelar.  Today, we have a lot to cover including an update on our soon-to-be-published books and an announcement of an honor received by one of our co-founders — Trainer of the Year. To get all of the latest news about Vistelar, keep reading ...

First things first. We are thrilled to announce that our Gary Klugiewicz has been honored as The National Law Enforcement Officer Hall of Fame Trainer of The Year at their 2022 Induction Ceremony in March. As Chuck Remsburg said at the ceremony, "Over a career of 44 years, Gary has carved a spot for himself among the elite of law enforcement training." 

You can learn more about this honor and watch a video of Gary's acceptance speech at this blog that was posted yesterday.

For a conflict management verbal and physical conflict management company, you might expect that the moratorium on classroom training caused by Covid-19 was a bit of a shock to our system — and you'd be right. The good news is that we'd been wanting to grow the online and virtual training side of the business for some time and the pandemic gave us an excuse to move faster. 

We now have a professional virtual training studio at the Vistelar offices and each of our trainers has a studio in their home office. It is certainly a different experience than training in a classroom but, from the reports from our many virtual clients, we've gotten quite good at this over the last couple of years.

We were surprised to discover that, for some of our training, the learning experience is actually better when taught virtually than when taught in a classroom.

The other good news is that spending less time on the road gave us some time to get our new website completed. Our previous website was getting a bit long in the tooth and this new one does a much better job of communicating our mission of building safe and respectful workplaces. It also makes it easier for us to share our growing inventory of conflict management learning resources.

As you may know, we have previously published four books on conflict management. Well, soon it will be six. We will share more details about these books in upcoming posts, but here we just want to show you the book covers.

The manuscripts for these two books are complete so watch for further updates soon.

We have a lot more we can share but the above is enough for this week.

Vistelar Book Covers


Allen Oelschlaeger

Allen Oelschlaeger / About Author

Allen is a conflict expert with a focus on creating safe and respectful workplaces. He is a creator of the Confidence in Conflict book series and podcast, leader of the company’s e-learning initiative, and authority on how to best train the psychomotor skill of conflict management. His background includes Wharton School MBA, University of Wisconsin faculty member, and leadership roles in the healthcare industry.