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Blog Posts of Gary Klugiewicz

Gary, a retired sheriff’s captain, has been a leader in conflict management training for over 40 years, moving from law enforcement to healthcare, mental health, education and beyond. Working with some of the world’s foremost training organizations, Gary has developed innovative, practical training programs throughout his career. Since the mid-’80s, every law officer across Wisconsin has been trained in unified tactical training systems Gary helped create. He’s also proud of his work co-supervising a program that provided meaningful care to 300 mentally ill inmates at the Milwaukee County Jail.

First Responder Philosophy: Responding to Institutional Emergencies

Mike Delvaux and I just spent a week with a group of treatment professionals conducting the Principles of Stabilization and Control (P.O.S.C. ®) for Treatment Professionals Instructor Class.

During the class, the instructors learned how to respond to institutional emergencies that include disturbance emergencies, medical emergencies, fire emergencies, and miscellaneous emergencies such as weather...

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A Coordinated Response is the Foundation of Safety for Patients and Staff

If you have ever responded to a behavioral emergency in a professional setting, such as a hospital or school, you might recall experiencing a lot of uncoordinated activity among a group of highly educated, capable, and well-meaning professionals. They may even have seemed to make things worse, rather than better. In retrospect, you might not even be able to put your finger on exactly what went...

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