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New book offers immediately actionable strategies for eliminating workplace toxicity

New book offers immediately actionable strategies for eliminating workplace toxicity


Milwaukee, Wis. November 3, 2022 With her latest book — Ending Lateral Violence: Creating emotionally and physically safe workplaces — author Jill Weisensel holds nothing back in calling out such behaviors as bullying, hazing, isolation, harassment, gossiping, exclusion, intimidation, coercion, prejudicial comments, and inappropriate jokes and providing a roadmap for recognizing, preventing, and mitigating these toxic behaviors.

Lateral-Violence-Book-Mockup-Revised-224 million Americans left their jobs between April and September of 2021 with toxic corporate culture being 10.4 times more powerful than compensation in predicting attrition rates (MIT Sloan Management Review - January 2022). In addition, the US Surgeon General’s October 20, 2002 report titled Workplace Mental Health & Wellbeing warns that abusive and cutthroat workplaces may be harmful to human health. 

Weisensel said, “During the era of mass resignations, employees aren’t leaving their jobs because they don’t enjoy their work, they’re leaving because the environment in which they work is emotionally destroying them. They’re leaving for what has come to be known as lateral violence.”

Ending Lateral Violence is an eye opening call to action and provides actionable employee skills and management solutions for addressing workplace toxicity. 

Jill-AuthorJill Weisensel is a nationally recognized conflict management expert and a partner with Vistelar LLC, a licensing, training, and consulting institute focused on helping organizations build safe and respectful workplaces via verbal and physical conflict management solutions. She is also the author of Confidence in Conflict for Campus Life: The must have safety resource for every college-bound student. Both of her books are available at Amazon and on the Vistelar website





Allen Oelschlaeger

Allen Oelschlaeger / About Author

Allen is a conflict expert with a focus on creating safe and respectful workplaces. He is a creator of the Confidence in Conflict book series and podcast, leader of the company’s e-learning initiative, and authority on how to best train the psychomotor skill of conflict management. His background includes Wharton School MBA, University of Wisconsin faculty member, and leadership roles in the healthcare industry.