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Grabs are dangerous! Whether the attacker is naked or otherwise

Getting Grabbed Is Dangerous Featured Image


The real danger is not knowing what will happen after you are grabbed.  Healthcare environments personal,  private, and confined spaces, so being grabbed is a common danger all healthcare professionals face.  Click here to read an example: ER nurse at The Villages hospital attacked by naked man

You never know what the intentions are of the person who has grabbed you. Are they pulling to a place you don't wan't to go?  To keep you from escaping what's going to happen next? Or holding you for someone else? In any case, its probably not for any good purpose. 

How-To Escape from Upper Body Holds

Follow along with these steps while watching and re-watching the video below:  

1) Get into a Prepared Stance: Face the attacker and move your strong foot back to widen your stance for balance.

2) As you re-adjust into a deeper stance, circle your arms over the top of the attacker’s arms, until they meet in the middle, around the attacker. 

3) Bring your elbows together and downward, keeping your hands together--palms facing your attacker’s head and face. Once your hands are positioned underneath the attacker’s chin or jawline, push them away from you by pushing forward and slightly upwards.

5) When you feel your attacker release their grab, move away, keep your hands up, and verbalize, “Stay back!”

6) Escape from the area and Sound Alert | Create Alarm. Review video again for further description if necessary.

Watch this video to show Escaping from Upper Body Holds in action:



Dave Young

Dave Young / About Author

Dave served as law enforcement officer in Florida and in the Marines as a gate sentry, patrol officer, watch commander, investigator, Special Reaction Team (SRT) member, leader and commander. He now serves as a defensive tactics consultant for numerous police and correctional agencies. Dave also is an industry leader in testing public safety equipment and non-lethal weaponry. He applied all of this expertise as host of “Crash Test Human,” a TV series for National Geographic in which he tested emergency scenarios such as being trapped inside a water-submerged car.