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Unified Conflict Management System

 A Systematic Approach To Conflict Management
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Helping Organizations Improve Safety through a systematic approach to conflict management

Our Unified Conflict Management System™ uses easy-to-learn and trauma-responsive tactics that empower teams to identify, prevent, and mitigate all types of conflict, from simple disputes to physical violence.

The Unified Conflict Management System has these unique attributes:
  • Addresses the entire spectrum of human conflict
  • Based on the Vistelar 6 C's of Conflict Management™ framework
  • Emphasizes simplicity and universal application with all tactics
  • Uses consistent principles, methods, and terminology across all training programs
  • Result of over four decades of real-world experience and ongoing enhancements
The Unified Conflict Management System is offered via a unique content license program that delivers these three benefits:

1. Infinite Flexibility
White labeled content is yours to use to best meet the needs of your team, clients, and environments. Modify the training and create courseware to precisely align with your mission, values, policies and procedures, brand, historical practices, and budget. Put your face forward, not ours, to your workers and customers.

2. Significant Cost Savings
No need to purchase workbooks, online programming, or instructor recertification. Instead, you can print your own training materials, create your own online courses, and develop your own instructors. 

3. Focus On Sustainment
As a Vistelar content licensee, we are your conflict solution partner instead of just a training supplier. Our goal is to ingrain our conflict management principles and tactics throughout your team using a multi-phase approach focused on permanently changing worker behavior.
6 Cs of Conflict Management - Labeled
UCMS Cards

Confidence In Conflict Playbook: 12 Steps For Creating A Workplace That Is Incompatible With Conflict And Violence

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